Thursday, December 1, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Rugby Onslaught reveals the REAL Top 10 team rankings

Manu Tuilagi running rampant against the All Blacks in 2012. 

A new ranking system for international rugby teams that takes into account more than just match results is set to reignite the debate on which team is truly the world's best.

While the official World Rugby ranking system relies on a complex algorithm in which teams exchange points in line with their relative position in the ranking, the new system (designed by Rugby Onslaught) takes into account less tangible factors, giving a more holistic view on who truly is the best team in the world.
Taking into account traditional - if often disingenuous - match results, the new rankings also rate:
  • brand of rugby played 
  • on field player behaviour 
  • fan behaviour 
  • moral victories attained 
  • teams will also be docked ranking points for winning matches they didn't deserve to

 With no further a-do, here is the Top 10.

Joint 10: Samoa/Fiji
9. Argentina
8. Wales
7. France
6. Scotland
5. Japan
4: Australia
Joint 2: Ireland/New Zealand
1 England