Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Toilet company to pioneer world's first 'All Black proof' disabled toilet unit

Wheelchair users can expect wait times of up to thirty minutes outside toilet facilities in NZ airports due to All Blacks usage.

A cutting edge toilet company are on the verge of releasing the world's first All Black proof disabled toilet unit. 

The 'S*** YOU NOT' units could be in use in time for this season Autumn internationals, a period which sees an increase in All Blacks use of airport toilets around the globe. 

All Blacks using disabled toilets has reached a crisis point, with wait times of up 30 minutes for wheelchair users some in some NZ airports. 

The All Black proof toilets are primed with sensors that pick up heightened levels of sporting arrogance and decreased levels of magnanimity in people approaching the unit. 

It is believed the new unit could save New Zealand airports millions and considerably lower the costs of the NZRU PR outlay.