Thursday, October 6, 2016

Nick Abendanon goes to extreme lengths to get a scrum back up the pitch

22.8 Ball kicked dead through in-goal If a team kicks the ball through their opponents’ in-goal into touch-in-goal or on or over the dead ball line, except by an unsuccessful kick at goal or attempted dropped goal, the defending team has two choices: To have a drop-out, or To have a scrum at the place where the ball was kicked and they throw in. 


22.5 Ball grounded by a defending player (a) Touch down. When defending players are first to ground the ball in their in-goal, it results in a touch down. (b) Player in touch or touch-in-goal. If defending players are in touch-in-goal, they can make a touch down by grounding the ball in their in-goal provided they are not carrying the ball. 

CREDIT: Sky Sports