Friday, September 23, 2016

NZ experiences unprecedented 'societal orgasm' after SBW straps skateboard to leg and films it

New Zealand rugby fans across the globe have experienced what experts are calling an 'en masse hysterical orgasm' after All Blacks ace Sonny Bill Williams released a video in which he had apparently strapped a skateboard to his leg. 

The video (below) shows Williams (31) pushing himself back and forth on some kind of exercise contraption while simultaneously having a skateboard strapped to his leg. It is not known what the purpose of the video is. 

The effects of the video have been profound. All Black fanboys have been spending hours watching the 11 second long video on repeat, hitting 'like buttons' on social media, and tagging relatives and friends in comments sections. 

Sonny Bill Williams reached new found levels of fame last year when he rewarded a delinquent teenager with a Rugby World Cup gold medal after the adolescent breached a security cordon in the aftermath of the RWC final.