Monday, July 18, 2016

Georgian centre playing in Russian Premier League uses brilliant Law Knowledge to nick a try

Was this very clever, or did the ref get it wrong?

David Kacharava - that Georgian centre with the massive guns - shows brilliant Law Knowledge to sneak this try in the semi-final of the Russian Premier League game.

The story with this situation is that there is no offside in goal area. (We saw Chris Henry do something similar earlier in the year)...however, some argue that fact. 

For example: 

11.1 Offside in general play (a) 

A player can be offside in the in-goal. 


22.3 (a try is scored when) 

Ball grounded by an attacking player For example: (a) Try. When an attacking player who is onside is first to ground the ball in the opponents’ in-goal, the player scores a try. This applies whether an attacking or a defending player is responsible for the ball being in the in-goal. 

CREDIT: Rugby Premier League