Sunday, May 15, 2016

Jarryd Hayne is leaving the NFL to follow Olympic dream in Sevens

Former League star and NFL rookie Jarryd Hayne has announced that he is to attempt a shock move the Fiji Sevens team in time for the Olympics.

In a statement Hayne said: “I am retiring from the NFL because the Fiji Rugby Sevens team reached out to me about the opportunity to join the team for the upcoming Olympics, and I simply could not pass that chance up. 

"The Olympics has been something I have admired since I was a little boy, and it is an opportunity I feel very similar to me joining the NFL." 

Hayne had a dream start to his NFL career before being sidelined after fumbling the ball on a number of occasions. The move to Sevens begs the question - will he try his hand at the 15-a-side game too?