Monday, May 2, 2016

6 reasons why Stuart Lancaster has to lead the Lions in 2017

Lancaster isn't afraid to use his fingers when he wants to make a point or list things out. 

We believe Stuart Lancaster is the man for the job and here's why:

1: Lancaster was the real architect behind England's Grand Slam

Despite the fact that Eddie Jones may have been at the helm as England claimed a long awaited Grand Slam, it was of course Lancaster's somewhat successful tenure as headcoach that laid the foundations for the win. Everyone knows all Eddie really did was switch Haskell and Robshaw.

2: He can make the hard decisions

As shown when he dropped Luther Burrell and Kyle Eastmond in favour of Sam Burgess, it's clear Stuart is quite happy to goose-step over a player's feeling if he's got so much as a hunch a certain untested player may be better. It didn't work out on this occasion, but hey-ho.

3: Culture

New Zealand will begin the cultural assault on the Lions the minute they're step off the plane. Stuart is a great man for culture and is happy to ditch his best players if he thinks for a second that they can't cut the mustard culturally. Who needs Dylan Hartley and Manu Tuilagi anyway?

4: Winning record

He lead Leeds Carnegie to a National Division One title in 2007. Anyone who can get that team to win regularly deserves a ****ing medal. 

4: He's not got much on at the moment

Unlike most other international level coaches, he's free and he'll cost less than other coaches. Basically, he's not greedy. 

5: The Sam Burgess factor

Could Stuart convince Sam to come back to Union for 2017? Even if he didn't do much, can you imagine the marketing buzz a Burgess return would create? Remember, it's not just about winning the series, it's important to keep sponsors happy too.

6: He's from up North somewhere

This means he's strong, probably from working in a coal mine or in a steel factory. He's also named after an aeroplane used to bomb foreign countries, a powerful metaphor if ever there was one.