Thursday, April 28, 2016

Meet some of the monstrous specimens playing in the new PRO Rugby America competition

The long held theory is that if America was able to convert it's NFL power athletes into the rugby players then they'd have one hell of a team.

We'd suggest that theory is based on a fundamental lack of understanding of the two sports and their vast differences. Sure, the two codes have common elements but ultimately their differing physical requirements have lead each to evolve players with different body compositions.

Last year the NRFL- whose push for a professional league would ultimately flounder on the rocks of bureaucracy - played heavily on the myth of the great 'American power athlete'. This year the fully sanctioned PRO Rugby America have touched on that idea once again, if not quite as heavily as their predecessors.

With that in mind we take a look at some of the new professional league's biggest athletes and some of them are truly enormous. Granted, some are carrying some serious timber and have body fat levels that might not be considered acceptable in the more established professional leagues but boy, there are some big dudes in this league.

While most of them are frontrowers, we've included a selection of outsized players in various positions. 

Siaosi Mahoni - Lock 6'8 134kg/296Ibs/21stone

Alex Elkins - wing 6'4 109kg/240Ibs/17st1Ibs

Brodie Orth - Lock 6'7 121kg/265Ibs/19st1Ib

Soane Legar - Prop 6'3 154kg/340Ibs/24st4Ibs (the new heaviest professional rugby player in the world)

James Reddey - Prop 6'5 136kg/300Ibs/21st2Ibs

Joe Taufetee - hooker - 6' 122kg/270Ibs/19st6Ibs

Patrick Latu - Centre - 6' 113kg/17st12Ibs/250Ibs

David Tameilau - No.8 6'5 122kg/270Ibs/19st6Ibs

Fancy Namulauulu - Prop 6'1 145kg/320Ibs/22st12Ibs
Maka Tameilau Prop 6'3 - 145kg/320Ibs/22st12Ibs

Spike Davis - wing - 6'3 113kg/250Ibs/17st12Ibs