Monday, January 4, 2016

How much do professional rugby players ACTUALLY weigh - Part 2

According to his England and Saracens bio 96kg Brad Barritt is 4.75kg lighter than the average Premiership inside centre. 

Following Part 1 of rugby player weights by position (which you can view here), Rugby Onslaught returns with Part 2, where we look at the average weight per position of backs across the three top European competitions - the Pro12, the Premiership and the Top 14.

Again, a few qualifications before we start: we are lumping left and right wings together for the sake of expediency. We would also point out that it's surprisingly hard to get accurate weights for some players, but we will work with what we have.

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Part 2 - The Backs


Pro12 - 86.4kg/190Ibs/13st8Ibs
Premiership - 85.8kg/189Ibs/13st7Ibs
Top 14 - 85.2kg/188Ibs/13st6Ibs


Pro 12 - 90.25kg/199Ibs/14st3Ibs
Premiership 88.75kg/196Ibs/14st
Top 14 - 88.2kg/195Ibs/13st14Ibs

Inside centre:

Pro 12 - 100.3kg/221Ibs/15st11Ibs
Premiership - 100.75kg/222Ibs/15st12Ibs
Top 14 - 99.1kg/219Ibs/15st9Ibs

Outside centre:

Pro 12 - 95.9kg/211Ibs/15st1Ibs
Premiership - 95.5kg/210Ibs/15st
Top14 - 96.2kg/212Ibs/15st2Ibs


Pro12 - 94.5kg/208Ibs/14st12Ibs
Premiership 94.8kg/209Ibs/14st13Ibs
Top14 - 90.3kg/199Ibs/14st3Ibs


Pro12 - 94.6kg/208Ibs/14st12Ibs
Premiership - 93.5kg/206Ibs/14st10Ibs
Top14 - 87.5kg/193Ibs/13st11Ib