Sunday, January 3, 2016

How much do professional rugby players ACTUALLY weigh (by position) - Part 1

The size of professional players by position, might just surprise you. 

If you asked what the weight of a professional rugby player was - most fans could probably somewhat accurately tell you it's 102kg/16stone/225Ibs - with a margin of error of about 2kg. Of course when you dealing with the weight of 15 men, two light ones or two heavy ones could throw that figure out.

Leaving that aside for a second, Rugby Onslaught thought we'd look at the weight per position across the three top European competitions - the Pro12, the Premiership and the Top 14.

A few qualifications before we start: we are lumping both left and right locks and left and right wings together for the sake of expediency. We would also point out that it's surprisingly hard to get accurate weights for some players, but we will work with what we have.

For the purpose of the post will look at players who lined out this weekend, ending Sunday 3rd January, 2016.

Part 1 - The Forwards

(Part 2 here)


Pro12 - 116kg/256Ibs/18st4Ibs
Premiership - 116.3kg/256Ibs/18st4Ibs
Top14 - 117kg/258Ibs/18st6Ibs


Pro12 - 106.6kg
Premiership 104.3kg
Top 14 104.4kg


Pro12 - 117kg/258Ibs/18st6Ibs
Premiership - 118.3kg/261Ibs/18st9Ibs
Top14 126kg/278Ibs/19st12Ibs


Pro12 - 116kg/257Ibs/18st4Ibs
Premiership - 116.4kg/257Ibs/18st5Ibs
Top14* - 117.4kg/259Ibs/18st7Ibs


Pro12 - 107kg/236Ibs/16st12Ibs
Premiership -108.75kg/240Ibs/17st2Ibs
Top14* - 107.1kg/236Ibs/16st12Ibs


Pro12 - 101.25kg/223Ibs/15st13Ibs
Premiership - 104.9kg/231Ibs/16st7Ibs
Top14 104kg/229Ibs/16st5Ibs

Number 8 

Pro12 - 112kg/247Ibs/17st9Ibs
Premiership - 113.1kg/249Ibs/17st11Ibs
Top14 - 111.8kg/246Ibs/17st8Ibs