Thursday, November 5, 2015

Twitter's schizophrenic reaction to Sam Burgess's UNSHOCKING departure

As news of Sam Burgess's very much predicted departure from Rugby Union broke this afternoon, Twitter's reaction was markedly conflicted. 

While some see it as a personal defeat for Burgess, many continue to spin the narrative that the entire sport of Rugby Union had somehow let him down. Unsurprisingly the 26-year-old received unanimous support from Rugby League supporters, to who seem see him as a modern day 'Prodigal Son'. 

More interesting was the reaction of many big name Rugby Union pundits and players who have rowed in behind the 'Burgess Betrayed' line.

There were more even handed responses, with some suggesting the real victims where the players dropped to accommodate Burgess.

Others saw the funny side of the debacle and pondered the many sponsorship deals that have gone south with Burgess.

While many are less than happy...