Friday, October 23, 2015

Here's the 'Hask Cam' footage that fueled a Twitter spat with Neil Back

You may well have missed it last month but Neil Back criticised James Haskell on Twitter for allegedly using a selfie stick in the run up to the Fiji match that kicked off the RWC. 

Back spat on Twitter: "And don't take your selfie stick onto the pitch like you did against Fiji." 

Hask hit back, saying: "I wasn't even playing! You're so old and out of touch your eyes dont work. I hope your book sales go better than your coaching" and "you were one of my childhood heroes, yet the general negativity towards myself and the team is appalling." 

And went on to Tweet (before deleting it): "Rule No1 never meet your heroes" Personally, we think one - nil Haskell.

CREDIT: James Haskell