Sunday, October 25, 2015

Confusion as player on sideline penalised under new Law variation

There was some level of confusion in the NRC between Melbourne Rising and the Canberra Viking as a ball that was kicked out from a mark was caught by a player. 

We understand that a player who catches a ball in touch voids the possibility of a quick throw being taken, hence a penalty. However, in this case the Canberra was catching the ball that would have been a Canberra ball at the lineout. Confused? You're not alone. 

The Law Variations is thus: Quick throw ins are OK if touched by any player or support staff; must be same ball as per current law. (Law 19.2d) This change frees teams from a technical Law that will allow for quicker play. 

The intent of this law is to provide the opportunity for more quick throw-ins not to provide an unfair advantage.

Must be same ball, lineout not set i.e. 2 from each team No delay in formation, quick means quick Can be touched by other players over the sideline including relay.

If support staff or reserves deliberately touch the ball a PK is awarded 15m in. 

A quick throw in can still be taken if it touches support staff or reserves Referees to be strict on players tackled over the sideline throwing ball away or not giving up ball for a quick throw = PK 15m in.