Wednesday, September 2, 2015

'Jared Hayne has to make the team' - NFL legend John Madden

The Hayne Plane has made a big splash Stateside. 

An NFL legend has backed former rugby league player Jared Hayne to make the San Francisco 49ers roster. 

John Madden - who gave his name to the famous NFL video game - says the 49ers have no choice but the sign the Aussie punt returner. 

Hayne has impressed in pre-season with standard out performances in 3 games, despite having only taken in the sport a number of months previously. 

His performances have lead to the US media coining the phrase 'Haynemania'; and with the 49ers now selling the Hayne's 38 shirt in the shop, it's hard to see him not making the roster.


CREDIT: Brenden Wood