Sunday, September 6, 2015

A former Rugby League prospect escapes jail for this brutal attack

This type of violence is fine on a rugby league pitch, but not the street mate. 

A former Western Australia rugby league prospect was spared jail for a brutal attack on three homeless men in Perth. 

The genuinely shocking attack by Filimaua ‘Dez’ Laalaai (20) was caught on CCTV, but due to the three victims of the attack not wishing to pursue assault charges, Laalaai was not given a custodial sentence. 

The attack in November, 2014 shows Laalaai - 19 at the time - giving one man over 12 kicks directly to the head, before being dragged away by his friends. 

He then delivers two further kicks to two other homeless men, themselves lying prone on the ground. 

This little charmer is now a youth member of his local church and apparently sings in the choir. Bless. 

A former member of the West Australian Rugby League under-18 squad, Laalai was sentenced to a nine-month intensive supervision order, 50 hours unpaid community work and a $1000 fine by Judge Ronald Birmingham, according to a report by The West Australian

CREDIT: Caught on Dashcams or CCTV