Sunday, August 30, 2015

Phil Kearns says Sam Burgess's defence is a potential weakness for England

Former Wallaby Phil Kearns says that while Burgess's tackling is great, his defence may not be. 

Former Wallaby and Rugby HQ pundit Phil Kearns has cast doubt on Sam Burgess's defense as a Rugby Union player.

Kearns says that while the league convert's tackling is fine - he questions if his defense is up to the mark.

"The more experienced, bigger teams will find their way around it. There's no doubt that defensively Sam Burgess is a good player in terms of tackling, but is he as good a defender?," Kearns told a disinterested looking Andrew Mehrtens.

"Defending is putting yourself in a position to make a tackle and then tackling. There's a difference in those two things. How good he is at defending in a rugby context I'd be interested to know." 

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