Monday, August 31, 2015

Pieter de Villiers has been saying some pretty explosive things about race and South Africsn rugby

As a race row once again engulfs the Springboks, former head coach Peter de Villiers has suggested a pattern to the selection of non-white players in South African professional rugby. 

De Villiers - not a man short of an opinion or two - says that while he was proud to coach the Springboks - he refuses to support a regime he believes to be selecting on the basis of a player's race. 

 "I'm still black, and when they take our black people for granted and abuse us, or think because of our colour we are stupid, I can't keep quiet." 

 The situation also appears to have escalated today, with news that the newly formed South African Party have launched a bid to stop the Springboks going to the Rugby World Cup, unless the situation over race allegations are resolved. 

 CREDIT: News 24