Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Let's just say Craig Joubert's opinion of his performance in the RWC 2011 final differs from Matt Williams

Matt Williams did not hold back in 2011 on what he felt was a 'shameful' performance. 

Opinions are like ***holes. Everyone's got one and they're often full of ****.

But leaving that aside for a second, Craig Joubert recently gave his opinion on his performance during the Rugby World Cup 2011 final between New Zealand and France. All in all and four years on Joubert seems relatively pleased. 

CREDIT: World Rugby

However back in 2011 former Scotland and Leinster coach and sometime presenter/pundit Matt Williams didn't quite agree. And luckily for rugby fans, he spent a good four and half minutes tearing Joubert's performance apart. Great television and a stunning bit of punditry. 

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