Monday, August 17, 2015

Jarryd Hayne makes MASSIVE NFL debut, makes s*** of defenders

The Hayne Train has arrived Stateside. 

American Football fans will be waking us this morning with a very different understanding of the pedigree of professional rugby players - with d√©butante Jarryd Hayne making what could only be described as dream start to his NFL career. 

The former NRL star looked to the manor born in his new sport, and made a staggering yardage, showcasing the stepping ability and power in contact that were hallmarks of his Rugby League career. 

Hayne made a total of 120 total yards - five rushes for 63 yards, two punt returns for 24 yards and one kickoff return for 33 yards - whatever the **** that means. 

Eitherway, American Football fans who said he would not be strong enough, fast enough or tough enough now know better. 

Watch his debut HERE