Monday, August 24, 2015

Could Jarryd Hayne back-up last week's dream NFL debut? The answer was a resounding yes.

Hayne has another sensational game for the 49ers. 

If there was any doubt that Jarryd Hayne could repeat his dream debut in the NFL, it was soon put to bed as the 'Hayne Plane' was once again the standout player as the 49ers took the Dallas Cowboys apart.

Hayne once again made huge yardage in just his second competitive game in the sport. It seems the sky is now the limit for the former rugby league star. To put it in context, the 49ers longest punt return last season was 23 yards. Hayne averaged 28 yards on his three punt returns. 

His first punt return: His second punt return:

His third punt return...

And rushing...
And on special teams... CREDIT: Moshmulla NFL time