Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sam Burgess admits his respect for Union has 'grown a lot' - especially for props

Burgess said he has a new found respect for Union props in particular

Bath's Sam Burgess admits that his respect for Rugby Union has 'a grown a lot' since switching codes from the 13 man game.

In an excellent interview with Tom Cary in the Telegraph that you can read in full here, Burgess says his comprehension of the differing roles in Union - and his respect for the game - has gone up massively after his first season in the sport.

"There are not as many transferable skills as you might think. Certainly my respect for the game since coming and playing it has grown a lot. Which is not to say I was disrespectful before, but it's just the culture in league," Burgess told the Telegraph. 

"I just didn't understand it, the specific roles people have. The front-rowers, the work they get through and what they have to do on a weekend is unbelievable.

"Then the lineouts, you might think they just stand there and throw it in. But the amount of detail and practice, everything that goes into winning a lineout. It's a fine art. My view of the game has changed in that respect.

"There are many more specialist players [in union] — hooker, tighthead, loosehead, openside, blindside — whereas in league, there are specialist positions but everyone across the board can do everyone else's positions, basically."

We recommend you read the article in full here, and here's a new Sam Burgess montage, because you've been good. 

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