Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Does Lancaster's stance on Cipriani make logical sense?

DANNY BOY: Can Lancaster logically drop Cipriani. 

Bear with us for a few paragraphs here. 

England coach Stuart Lancaster has said that he will wait until the police have finished their investigations into the car accident that Danny Cipriani was involved in after his man of the match performance against the Barbarians last month.

This throws up a few problems:
  • Has Lancaster spoken to Danny Cipriani about the incident? 
  • Presuming that it is likely, then that suggests that Cipriani has said he is innocent of any wrongdoing. If not, surely Lancaster's much touted 'standards' would suggest that the Sale outhalf should be dropped regardless of whether the police conclude their investigations. Or is it only a breach of standards if you are caught?
  • Even if the police investigation suggests Cipriani does have a case to answer, and charges should be brought, how then can Lancaster drop him? Surely - presuming that Cipriani pleads innocent - then logically he should wait until the end of the legal trial? Being charged with a crime is not - by any legal standard - the same as being guilty of a crime. 
  • In any case, the trial would likely take place after the RWC. as judicial term dates in the UK don't fall within either August or September in 2015.